GP Medical Services Al Ain

Best General Medicine Physicians in Al Ain

We provide a wide range of primary diagnostic, preventative, and treatment services to patients of any age and circumstances. Through our top-notch facilities and enviable network we provide accurate results within the least possible time.

Our team of highly qualified practitioners is excellent physicians and experienced medical professionals and is always available to serve, ascertain and certify the results. Our general practice doctors and other service staffs have extensive knowledge and experience in determination and management of health issues and conditions.

Our physicians request and perform all relevant diagnostic laboratory tests and the results would be analyzed and confirmed by an experienced physician of the relevant field. We value life and never work on predictions, but completely rely on evident and technically proven test results to start treatments and support life. They perform the initial assessment and have pivotal role in the multidisciplinary approach to patient’s problem.

Additionally, we also dispense awareness lessons to educate patients in disease prevention, health care and maintenance. Based on our patient history, to help individuals more to maintain health, we develop individualized health packages to any person from any background or with any ailment.

Services include

  • Diagnosis and treatment of all general health problems
  • Performance of minor surgeries including minor cuts and wounds
  • Administering minor fractures and concussion assessment
  • Diagnosis of Allergies and allergy screening tests
  • Preventive care, including health risk assessmentand routine health checks
  • Immunization, Routine Cervical and Breast screening
  • Travel advice and vaccination
  • ECG and analysis
  • General Health packages for men and women
  • Management of minor chronic diseases and ENT problems
  • Management of women’s health problems &minor pediatric health problems
  • Laboratory tests referrals and analysis
  • Ultra Sound & X-Ray
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