Healthy Summer Tips

Healthy Summer Tips

September 19, 2017 | Posted: 614Days Ago


Summer is the phase for slackening down, jetting off someplace on a vacation or taking it easy at the household. Yet, it also indicates remaining out too long in the sun, overlooking your normal exercise routine and overdoing in enticements like ice cream and other rich foods. Below are some healthy tips to make sure you enjoy a good summer.

Don’t forget sunscreen when you go out

Defend your skin from damaging Ultra Violet rays and reduce Ultra Violet radiation by remaining away from the sun through the fieriest hours from 10 am to 4 pm. Apply a sun lotion of no less than SPF 30 strength and in case your skin is sensitive, a mineral-based sunscreen would be best. Don’t forget to smear sunscreen every couple of hours or so, if you’re planning to be out in the sun for an extended period of time, like a full day at the beach.

Befriend water

The hot, humid climate of summer can cause your body to be dehydrated. This could be extremely dangerous and even cause you to experience to be hungry when you really are not. Remain hydrated by drinking up to 10 tumblers of water every day. Green tea and coconut water are also cool ways to stay hydrated and healthy.

Treat yourselves to healthy smoothies

Home-produced fruit smoothies are a fantastic way to remain revitalized in the hot summer. But, it is better to evade those made with ice cream or frozen yoghurts, as those can be thick with calories. The best choices would be those made with fresh fruits, juice, milk, low fat yoghurt and ice.

Stick to your workouts

The vacation mood or the temperature outside shouldn’t necessitate you got to halt your exercises. You may alter your exercise routine by either opting for the coldest parts of the day or even better, choosing your exercise indoors. Try to enroll in a gym, go in for a dance class or exercise at your own home to an exercise DVD.

More hours in the pool

When it turns too warm for a run, try exercising in the pool. Swimming is a good cardio exercise, but if it is not your thing, go for a water aerobics class or make your own aerobic workout with jumping jacks, parading and running in the water. If you could get your family and friends to join as well, it will be a joyful workout.

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