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World-renowned for Our Expertise in Gynaecologic Care

At Sulaiman Medical Centre, we have both Surgical and non-surgical diagnosis and treatment for patients with gynaecological complications. Our dedicated pregnancy unit offers secure and competent care to ladies with health complications prior to pregnancy like diabetes, hematological disorders, hypertension, thyroid disorders and neurological diseases. We also manage difficulties associated with pregnancy like major placenta praevia, eclampsia, preeclampsia, abruptio placentae, obstetric cholestasis etc. We are also equipped to handle complications in labour like inversion of uterus, preterm labour, rupture of uterus, maternal collapse and shoulder dystocia and so on. We have a high dependency area led by Anaesthetists, Obstetricians and critical care nurses for managing critically unwell obstetric patients. To top it all, we also have a comprehensive gynaec-oncology service.

Family Planning

Couples should be able to look at family planning closely and attentively understand the numerous issues related with an added member in the family. Consultation with a family planning specialist aids couples prepare better and attain superior success in bringing up a healthy and happy family.

Fertility medication

Fertility medication is the other side of gynecology/obstetrics. At Sulaiman Medical Centre, we have an experienced team of fertility experts. It is a kind of situation that needs personalized treatment and attention. We stop at nothing in your journey to start a family.

Pregnancy Care

Our gynecologists shall provide critical care from planning of pregnancy to childbirth and beyond. We understand every birth process is unique and every infant is a special gift. We feel thrilled to be your trusted partner during this exhilarating time.

Our Services include

  • Insertion and Removal of IUD
  • Colposcopy
  • Cervical Cauterization
  • Incision of Vaginal condylomas (warts)
  • Pre natal check up
  • Vaccination
  • Vaginal Tightening
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