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Best Physiotherapy Treatment Services


At Sulaiman Medical Centre, our Physiotherapy clinic is dedicated to refining the agility and quality of life of every patient that comes in. Using a number of various healing approaches, our physiotherapists attend to returning you to full mobility, retrieving liberation in your daily living and reducing your pain.

We love spending time with our patients, from thorough consultations to detailed therapy outline and follow ups prior to and after each treatment. Our medical center offers you reserved treatment quarters, a fully equipped gym for restorative exercise and multidisciplinary physical therapy.

The courteous staff at Sulaiman Medical Centre acknowledges that so as to restore the body, your mind also needs to be looked after. Our therapists will listen to your concerns patiently and give you solutions that will help you get back on the path to vigor and vitality.


PT Evaluation

PT evaluation helps patients recover their power and poise, avoid falls, buildup the extent of motion, and reduce pain. This is particularly critical after a surgery, injury or fall.

PT Re-evaluation

This procedure helps patients securely and self-reliantly accomplish activities. Our physiotherapists amend tasks and adapt the PT Evaluation to improve every patient’s capacity to perform in their surroundings.

Hot/Cold Pack

Using hot packs and cold packs in heat/cold therapy, we can efficiently treat most sorts of knee injuries, some sorts of chronic pain, migraine, back pain and even more.


Traction physiotherapy comes in two types; mechanical and manual. In mechanical traction PT, the traction is done by a machine and is usually done for diagnosed conditions or harsh disc conditions of the neck or back. Manual traction is merely stretching of the neck, peripheral joint or back manually. It is performed to alleviate firmness of the joints or other structures.

Paraffin Wax Bath

Heated paraffin wax helps cure muscular pain, joint pain and inflammation. It amazingly relaxes and moistens the skin, increases blood circulation, and is a better way to improve mobility by warming the connective tissues. It has an anti-stress quality and a relaxing effect.

Electrical Stimulation

This is a treatment method that applies electrical stimulation for treating pain and muscle spasms. Electrical stimulation can help thwart atrophy and build quality in clients with injuries. This method is useful in retaining muscles dynamic especially after any sort of spinal cord injuries or strokes.

Ultra Sound Therapy

Physiotherapists use ultrasound therapy as a method to support healing of tissues and to heal painful conditions.

Strength and Endurance

Strength and endurance therapy denotes an extent of bodily actions that aids reestablish and construct physical power, endurance, litheness, balance, and steadiness.

Gait Training

This is a method of physiotherapy that can assist to recover a patient’s ability to walk properly. Your therapist may endorse gait training to help you recuperate from an injury or illness.

Manual Therapy

Manual physiotherapy is a basic physical therapy used by physiotherapists to handle musculoskeletal pain and incapacity. It usually embraces muscles manipulation and kneading, joint mobilization and joint manipulation.

Dry hydro Massage

This is a kind of physiotherapy massage grounded on the restorative use of water pressure. The core of dry hydro massage is utilizing massage techniques thermally to the human body through the water. The water can be mineral or any other. Dry hydro massage thus eliminates stress and improves relaxation.


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